Thursday, July 31, 2008

Im Going Really Crazy

You know your loosing your mind is when you take a picture of your self and then publish it. Oh well tell next time.
See Ya

Just A Great View

Its Been Months (hmmm)

Well as you can very well see I cant keep up with this blogging stuff. Actually I suck at it. Any way here we go, yes I am going to make an entry don't go into shock. If you didn't know I am still here in Afghanistan completeing a 10 month deployment. I have been working for a military company that takes in junk and broken items from units over here. I get to have fun with this stuff if it cant be used any more we get to destroy it. This can entail burning, cutting, smashing what ever it takes to make unusable by the Afghany nieghbors. I have completed seven months of this tour with a month togo for a two week rest and relaxtion break from here. I should make it home in time for the birth of our new son (Trevor John or T.J.). Other than what I said not much has changed. I get up, I eat, and then I sleep and then I repeat again and again. Ya I know real exciting. Ok this is exceeding my limit on what I can type. So I will try to enter more again soon.